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Interactive Whiteboards For Education

Keeping students engaged is a priority and a challenge for teachers, but interactive whiteboards designed for education can help make it happen. SMARTBoards are extremely robust pieces of technology that give teachers a more effective way to present information and get creative with their lesson plans. This not only allows teachers to stretch their creative abilities to get the most out of every lesson, it also helps teachers connect with students in a way they are receptive to. After all, today’s students are extremely tech savvy and used to interfacing with computers, tablets and phones. SMARTBoards are an extension of this and will be assimilated quickly and completely in the classroom.

SMARTBoards are multi-touch interfacing surfaces that are connected to a PC in the classroom. Anything placed on the PC desktop is visible on the surface, where it can be interfaced with in a variety of ways. With just a little training, teachers are able to use simple gestures to navigate through lessons, annotate, and share content with students. This easy to use interface allows students to interact with the technology as well.

The technology is ideal for early childhood learning as well, as interactive whiteboards designed for early childhood education enable multiuser capabilities. For example, several children can use the same surface simultaneously to produce art or work through visual problems.

And with SMART Response technology, teachers can see in real time how students are responding to lessons. Response technology allows students to answer questions or provide feedback through internet-enabled devices, and teachers can access these answers in the form of a chart or graph instantly. This helps teachers adapt their lesson delivery instantly to ensure maximum understanding.

Teachers need every advantage they can get in the classroom when it comes to engaging their students, and SMARTBoards offer a decisive solution.