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Interactive Whiteboards For Education

Keeping students engaged is both a priority and a challenge for teachers, but interactive whiteboards designed, as known as Interactive Flat Panels, for education can help make it happen. The Clevertouch is an extremely robust piece of technology that provides teachers a more effective way to present information and get creative with their lesson plans. This not only allows teachers to stretch their creative abilities to get the most out of every lesson, it also helps teachers connect with students in a way they are receptive to.

After all, today's students are extremely tech savvy and are accustomed to interfacing with computers, tablets and phones. The Clevertouch is an extension of this and will be picked up quickly and completely in the classroom.

Why Interactive Whiteboards For Education?

Not Just a Interactive Whiteboard But A Interactive Display!

The Clevertouch isn't a true interactive whiteboard, but a total interactive display. It does not require the use of a projector, and is instead powered by efficient, reliable LED technology. The Clevertouch doesn't require an external PC to function, either, as it is built with an onboard processor and drive, so it can store lesson materials for future use.

The Clevertouch is a proven piece of educational technology, and this is made clear through its software offerings. Lynx is the display's whiteboarding and lesson planning software, and it allows teachers to instantly bring in content from the web or from the Clevertouch's drive in illustrating lesson content. Through Lynx, educators can quickly prompt the classroom and annotate, producing more engaging notetaking sessions.

Clevermaths is a wholly unique offering unlike anything else provided by an interactive display manufacturer. With Clevermaths, teachers can graph equations, apply formulas, go through complex geometric or algebraic principles and simulate an impressive variety of scientific experiments.

And with Snowflake, the Clevertouch can be converted into a multi-zone interactive panel for several students to interact with at once. This is ideal for younger students, who are often encouraged to learn at different paces. Snowflake makes this easy to manage.

If that's not enough, the Clevertouch allows access to the Cleverstore, which is like any other app store, with two major differences: everything in the Cleverstore is education focused, and everything is 100 percent free. There are no premium unlocks inside any application, even if they exist on other platforms. In effect, the Cleverstore is an extra library of educational content that teachers can borrow from as they see fit.

All of this is packaged with the intuitive LUX operating system, which is modeled heavily after Android. Optional additions include a PC module that allows use of Windows 10 and the Clevershare, which is plugged into another device and can be used to present from that device to the Clevertouch. In short, Clevertouch is useful for wireless presentations as well.

Interactive whiteboards and displays for education represent the next impactful wave of tech in the classroom, and the Clevertouch is the primary example of its potential.