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How Clevertouch is Improving Communication to Keep Schools Safer

In many schools, education time can turn into an emergency in moments. During those moments, delivering critical information to classrooms and common areas is paramount. With prompt alerts, teachers and students can respond immediately when seconds count. Instant, effective communication is what AV solutions are designed for, so they're well-suited for school safety. One such solution is the Clevertouch, an interactive display that can support both education and an emergency response.

Clevertouch Displays Can Double as Digital Signage in Schools

The Clevertouch can be integrated into any school's digital signage network with ease. Once it is, it can be used to deliver visual alerts in combination with other emergency alert technologies. These alerts can be triggered by the front office, through wall switches installed throughout the school, or through a worn device that teachers carry with them. No matter how the alert is triggered, though, the response is the same. Once an emergency alert is triggered, messaging is instantly sent to every display attached to the school's signage network, including any Clevertouch panels being used. This emergency messaging can describe the nature of the emergency and provide information on what to do next. If digital signage and Clevertouch panels have a large presence in the building, it will be easier to alert everyone at once.

Four Ways the Clevertouch Delivers More Effective Emergency Alerts

AV solutions are purpose-built to deliver faster and more effective communications. This includes how emergency communications are delivered. Specifically, here's four ways Clevertouch can improve how your students, teachers and administrators respond to an emergency:
  • Instant alerting - While the primary function of a Clevertouch is to deliver compelling lesson content, it can double as full-featured digital signage when needed. This means that, like digital signage, the Clevertouch can be used to deliver emergency alerts instantly. This is the case no matter what users are doing with the Clevertouch on their end. There's no need to keep an application running on the display to allow for messaging capabilities either. With a single button press at the front office or through a security officer's device, alerts can be sent to every networked Clevertouch in the building.
They're also sent with priority, so no matter what the Clevertouch is being used for, the message will appear front and center, on top of everything else.
  • Preprogrammed or customized messaging - Emergency alerts can consist of preprogrammed messaging or quickly customized to provide more in-depth instructions. For example, your school could put together a tornado alert that details where students and teachers should go to keep themselves safe. Other alerts may instruct teachers to lock classroom doors or evacuate at predetermined points.
If the emergency develops over time, additional customized alerts can be sent to classrooms to update staff on the situation.
  • Wayfinding with alerts - The Clevertouch can include graphics with each alert, which expands on what information the alert can deliver. One example of this is including maps with each alert, showing people where to go for safety. With these displayed throughout the building, it's easier to maintain order during a drill or evacuation.
Digital displays like the Clevertouch are far brighter and far more vivid than print, so they're easier for people to read quickly. That visibility advantage can be decisive when seconds matter.
  • Alert color coding - With greater layout and color control, the Clevertouch can be used with various color codes to keep K-12 schools safer. Color codes can be associated with different emergencies, and to differentiate between drills and active situations. This gives staff an idea of what to do even if they can't read the words on the screen. Again, this could be important when time is the priority.

Combine the Clevertouch with Other AV Technology to Enhance School Safety Further

The Clevertouch is a valuable safety and security tool, but it's not the only one that certified AV integrators offer. In addition to digital signage, an integrator can also set up the following for your school:
  • Zoned audio and PA solutions - Enhanced audio solutions are the "A" side of AV, and better sound drives better understanding. With high-quality audio delivery, your front office can communicate with individual rooms clearly.
Some current generation audio solutions, like those offered by Audio Enhancement and FrontRow, also allow for two-way communication between the classroom and office. They can also be used to deliver audio to certain zones, so targeted instructions can be given to teachers and staff.
  • E-mail and text alerts - An AV integrator can also set up e-mail and text alerts that are tied to the school's emergency alert system. These alerts can be sent to students, teachers, administrators and even parents, providing instant awareness of a developing situation.
  • Emergency lighting - AV integrators also know how to source, position and install lighting, including emergency lighting. Strobes, for example, are a common choice with fire and weather drills and provide visual reinforcement. Emergency lighting can also be color-matched to any color codes that a school uses during an emergency.

The Clevertouch Instant Communication Features Can Help Keep Students and Staff Safer

AV solutions are a proven method of improving safety in all types of venues, including K-12 schools. Their ability to deliver high-impact communications, reliably and versatilely is what makes this possible. And that's also true of the Clevertouch, which can act as an in-classroom extension of any school’s emergency alert system.