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How Lu Interactive Effectively Engages Students

Built for high activity spaces, the Lü Interactive is an immersive, interactive learning technology that fits perfectly in K-12 school gymnasiums and recreation centers. As soon as it's switched on, the Lü fills the room with compelling audio and visuals, delivered through a mix of hardware and software components. What really drives the Lü, though, are the activities that the system comes with. These activities can be seamlessly integrated into physical education classes because they combine movement and games - two things all kids enjoy.

Interactive Activity Spaces Like the Lü Interactive Encourage Children to Move

According to a report by the World Health Organization, 80 percent of children between 11 and 17 do not get enough exercise. Another report, by the CDC, states that 18.5 percent of children are obese. Compounding this problem is the lack of physical education in schools. Cuts in P.E. are affecting schools around the U.S., driven by increased standardized testing and additional academic programs. There's nothing wrong with an academic focus, of course, but CDC research shows that higher physical activity levels also correlate with better cognitive performance, including memory. By prioritizing better physical education, students will do better in their classrooms.

Where Does the Lü Interactive Fit in K-12 Schools?

The challenge is coming up with an engaging form of physical education. P.E. can be intimidating for students that don't thrive in a competitive environment, but the Lü is an effective solution to that problem. That's because the Lü comes with a collection of activities, including competitive and cooperative applications. With its versatility, this technology fits well in any K-12 gym, no matter the size or layout. It's also a fit in fitness centers, recreation centers and as a rental service. In any space, the Lü is an effective activity-driving tool.

What Does a Lü Interactive System Come With?

The Lü Interactive is available in three models - the UNO, the DUO and the MOBIL. Between the three, it's a difference of scale. The UNO is designed to run on a single wall, the DUO runs on two facing walls and the MOBIL is a portable version that can be run on a single wall. Both the UNO and DUO are designed for permanent placement. All three come with the following components:
  • One or two video projectors
  • One or two computers (to run activities)
  • One or two 3D cameras
  • Static lighting
  • Computerized lighting (responds to student actions during activities)
  • Speakers
  • One or two remote controls
  • Hanging and installation hardware
During operation, the 3D cameras and projectors work together to detect when an object touches something projected on the wall. This can be used to drive a variety of activities, though many of the applications do not require interaction with the projection.

What Activities Can the Lü Interactive Run?

What makes the Lü an engagement engine is its activities. The system comes with dozens of activities and utilities, designed to either engage students with fun and action, or facilitate other P.E. tasks. Some of those activities include:
  • WALL - During WALL, students work together to knock down walls by throwing balls at them. Educators can change the strength of each wall, so groups of all sizes can succeed through proper collaboration.
  • NEWTON - NEWTON is a math-focused activity that challenges students to answer math questions by throwing a ball at the right solution. The competition is friendly and fast-paced.
  • SHAPES - During SHAPES, students compete with each other to bump the right shapes into the opponent's goal. Like with other Lü activities, this is done by throwing a ball at the right shape, at just the right spot. Precision, shape recognition and quick action all in a single game.
  • PHYS - PHYS tasks students with helping Newton the mouse reach the cheese. To do this, students solve physics puzzles by throwing balls at the right objects and starting chain reactions.
  • DANZA - DANZA gets students moving and moving quickly. During a DANZA session, an on-screen guide dances along to music, and students are encouraged to match its moves to the rhythm.
  • GAIA - While most Lü activities encourage movement, GAIA uses lights, sound effects and geometric projector designs to lull students into a meditative state. During this 12-minute cooldown period, teachers help students progress through a series of meditative movements, which produce a state of relaxation.
  • TARGET - TARGET is a simple activity that can be tailored to students of all ages. During operation, students take aim at targets as they appear on screen, which works out that hand-eye coordination.
  • GALACTIC - GALACTIC is a throwback, Asteroids-like game that requires students to work together. During a GALACTIC session, students throw balls at asteroids as they careen forward, aiming to turn them into space dust.
  • PUZZ - PUZZ is more of a thinking game. A jumbled puzzle needs to be put back together, and students do this by throwing a ball at each piece and rotating it until it fits.
In addition to the above activities, the Lü also includes several utilities that can help coaches organize other P.E. activities. Those utilities include:
  • BRACKET - BRACKET makes it easy for coaches to set up a tournament-style competition, as it automatically builds and fills out brackets. Merely enter the names of all participants and BRACKET does the match making.
  • SCOREBOARD - For those times you need to keep score, SCOREBOARD provides a handy way to track a game's progress.
  • VOTE - With VOTE, teachers can survey the class for what to do next. Decide between different exercises, team formats or types of competition - and allow students to direct some of the action.
  • CHRONO - CHRONO is a simple time-keeping application. It's perfect for timing exercise sets, rounds of competition, or to keep track of the class.
  • TACTIK - Coaches can use TACTIK to build out team strategy, just like they used to do it on old school chalkboards. Put together custom teams, position them on the court, and save plays for future reference.
  • WORLDS - WORLDS cycles through a series of ambiance-enhancing images and sounds, which is perfect for supporting other activities.

An Active Student is an Engaged Student, and Lü Interactive Can Fuel That Activity

Research is clear that children need more movement, for their health and to support their academic progress. The Lü Interactive can be one of your school's most powerful tools in this regard because it engages while it encourages activity. With Lü's immersive sound, lighting and interactivity, no one will want to be left out of P.E. class.