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Audio Conferencing Solutions Are Still In Demand

Though video conferencing technology is on the rise, audio conferencing solutions remain useful and commonplace. According to a Wainhouse Research survey of IT decision makers, more than 40 percent stated that they engage in multiple audio conference calls every week. More than 25 percent said they use audio conferencing daily. Audio conferencing can still be a powerful productivity tool when it’s planned out, installed and configured properly. That’s what AV integrators do for their clients, as well as offering post-installation support and maintenance. An advantage of working with an AV integrator is that integrators are familiar with the most cost-effective audio conferencing solutions and can help their clients transition to them smoothly.

What Quality Audio Conferencing Solutions Look Like

There are a couple standout names in audio conferencing solutions, including Poly (formerly Polycom) and Crestron. Both provide quality hard codecs and conferencing systems, and they are trusted brands for AV integrators. Poly and Crestron’s standout solutions include:

1. Poly’s Trio Series – The Poly Trio is a flagship offering and a popular audio conferencing solution for most conference rooms. It’s a tabletop device that combines a pristine audio experience with intuitive touchscreen controls. With the Trio’s familiar interface, one-touch join is easy to set up and execute.

The Trio is designed with Poly’s HD Voice and comes with the manufacturer’s NoiseBlock technology. NoiseBlock works by detecting non-verbal sounds on the call, like paper rustling or keyboard typing, and mutes the microphone while these noises can be picked up. When the microphone picks up voice again, NoiseBlock unmutes immediately, ensuring no part of the conversation is left out.

The Trio is also built to be scalable, and can deploy on all top unified communication platforms, like Skype for Business, WebEx, Zoom or even an open SIP. The Trio can also be integrated into video conferencing solutions and can facilitate content sharing.

2. Crestron’s Mercury – Crestron’s Mercury is a modest-looking tabletop device that is nonetheless a powerful piece of conferencing technology. It is a complete solution that is suitable for open-platform unified communications, and combines wideband full-duplex audio with a vivid, touchscreen interface. Like the Trio, it can be used with Skype for Business, Zoom and any SIP phone. The Mercury, though, can also be paired with a mobile device via Bluetooth and can connect via USB to a laptop running an audio conferencing application. The Mercury is designed to meet the diverse conferencing technology needs of professionals, and it delivers on that front.

The Mercury is a perfect addition to a larger unified communications solution and can help provide a consistent AV experience from room to room. No matter where it goes, it offers a familiar user experience, and it can be used in conjunction with the company’s room scheduling solutions. The Mercury can be provisioned and managed via Crestron’s cloud.

Audio conferencing solutions still power productivity throughout the corporate world, especially if they are planned out and executed by a reputable AV integrator. With an integrator, organizations have access to the best audio conferencing solutions available, from brands like Poly and Crestron, which set the standard.