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What AV Solutions Can Data Projections Help Their Clients With?

AV Integrated Lobby Room

Data Projections can help Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin businesses and organizations with their AV needs, no matter their scale or objective. As every business, school and organization has unique needs and resources, Data Projections designs its AV solutions to custom fit the client’s requirements. Think of the company as a technology partner rather than an equipment seller, providing full-service AV integration from system planning to post-installation support and maintenance.

Here are some of the solutions Data Projections regularly designs and executes for its clients:

Conferencing solutions

Audio and video conferencing solutions are critical communication technologies for many companies. According to the 2019 Impact of Video Conferencing Report, which surveyed U.S. professionals, 25 percent of respondents in the 18 to 29-year-old range use video conferencing daily. That number was lower among older professionals, which suggests that conferencing solutions will become more popular as more tech-savvy people enter the workforce.

Audio and video conferencing solutions are effective communication tools as they allow professionals to communicate with their team members, no matter where they are. Further, businesses can connect separate facilities together with conferencing, so a Houston-based company can instantly reach out to a Dallas or San Antonio office. The cost reduction benefit of conferencing is usually expressed in terms of international travel. However, reducing road trips between facilities can also bring a company’s costs down.

Video conferencing is a particularly effective communication tool because it combines audio and video to facilitate natural conversation. Sophisticated video conferencing solutions, like Poly’s RealPresence line, can be used to connect entire rooms of people without the technology getting in the way. RealPresence solutions also come with advanced camera technology that focuses on the person speaking and tracks them around the room. This is useful when a presenter or trainer needs to use a supplemental tool like an interactive flat panel to deliver material.

Digital signage and display solutions

The V in AV is usually delivered with advanced digital displays, and Data Projections can help Texas businesses select, install and configure them.

Modern digital displays are powered by LED technology, which is the most advanced on the market. LED displays are more efficient and longer-lived than older display options, while also offering superior technical specs, like better contrast ratios and resolution. On average, an LED display will provide 50,000 hours of quality performance, without loss of display intensity or quality. In many cases, an LED display will exceed that 50,000 hour threshold by a significant margin.

Digital displays and signage can fit into most settings and in most organizations. For example, city governments can use digital displays in their council chambers for presentations and to track voting results. At a university, digital displays can be used to help people find their way around campus, run student-created videos, present event schedules and send out emergency alerts.

Digital signage is an especially compelling addition for businesses, as its advertising and brand-building potential is nearly unmatched. For instance, digital signage can be programmed to run prescheduled advertisements, timed to reach people when they are most likely to respond positively. This can be used to great effect by restaurants, which can switch layouts for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or when the weather changes.

Digital billboards

Digital billboards are one of the fastest areas of growth in advertising, and are also emerging as a top AV solution for many Texas companies. According to a Nielsen study that surveyed motorists, 75 percent of the respondents noticed a digital billboard in the previous month, and 60 percent in the previous week. More than 50 percent were able to recall the particular advertisement, and more than 70 percent said they believed digital billboards were more effective than online advertisements.

Digital billboards are cost effective, as they require no printing, are powerful engagement tools and are much easier to manage than traditional print billboards. That’s because digital billboards are paired with flexible backend technology that allows for easy layout creation and editing, as well as versatile programming options.

Video walls

Video walls use standard commercial displays, direct view LEDs or other advanced display technologies to produce larger-than-life images. Video walls are designed to make a visual statement, as they can present large images in high resolutions. This can be used to great effect at event venues, airports, restaurants, hotels and museums, among many other places.

There are several emerging display technologies designed to make the most out of video walls, and they are designed with ultra-thin bezels (or no bezels at all) that don’t distract from the image. Further, some direct view LED video walls can be shaped to fit around curves, which offers a rarely-seen visual experience. Microtiles are another option, and offer interesting modularity. They can be slotted together to create nearly any shape and can be scaled up to nearly any size.

Control systems

Controllability is what makes modern AV solutions so capable, and they are at the heart of most AV projects. AV controls can be built into something as simple as a wall switch, or something as sophisticated as a large touchscreen display. Touchscreen controls also offer considerable design flexibility, as they can be built into furniture like a desk or lectern. This is useful for managing a council meeting, a conferencing session, a board meeting or an operations room.

Data Projections can handle the programming and configuration for its clients, ensuring the control system does exactly what it needs to without getting in the way.

AV solutions are changing the way Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin organizations are handling their business and communications. With custom-built solutions and full service from design to support, Data Projections is making AV solutions easier than ever for its clients.