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An AV Integrator Can Help Your Dallas Business With Audio and Video Solutions

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex is bustling with high-powered corporations and busy schools. At last count, more than 20 Fortune 500 companies had their headquarters located in Dallas, and Dallas ISD schools serviced more than 140,000 students in 2021. There are clearly a lot of organizations that could use an AV integrator's expertise. AV integrators are experts in AV technology, products, and solutions. Specifically, they can do the following:
  • Assess your company or school's current AV infrastructure
  • Analyze your organizational needs
  • Target potential areas of improvement
  • Select the right technology for the project
  • Design your new AV solution
  • Install and configure the hardware
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance as needed
As you can see, there's a lot that goes into every integration project, which is why many organizations in the Dallas area work with an AV team to handle the job.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Three AV Solutions a Dallas County Integrator Can Provide to Companies

AV integrators regularly work with businesses of all sizes to help with their AV needs. And there are a lot of AV solutions tailored for the corporate world. Here's three of the most popular:
  1. Video conferencing solutions - If there's one AV solution that defines modern business, it's video conferencing. Today, professionals in nearly every industry use video conferencing solutions each day to facilitate faster and more effective communications. Video conferencing systems have been especially important for organizations that rely on remote employees or hybrid teams. With a video conferencing solution, you can keep those teams unified. There are many video conferencing solutions to choose from, including popular platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Leading hardware providers like Poly and Crestron have partnered with these brands to develop superior conferencing options. There are also conferencing solutions designed for smaller spaces like huddle rooms. The Poly Studio all-in-one bar is one such example.
  2. Wireless presentation technology - Wireless presentation solutions were developed in response to the Covid pandemic, to improve cleanliness and help remote employees access conference room technology better. Popular wireless presentation solutions include the Barco Clickshare, Mersive Solstice and Crestron Flex. All three allow users to access AV equipment in enabled conference rooms through an app on their own device. Once connected, users can control room technology and share content from their device.
  3. Interactive displays - Interactive displays like the Clevertouch are effective in the classroom or meeting room, as they allow users to plan and execute more engaging presentations. Clevertouch panels are extra effective when used with video conferencing solutions, as they can be used while running a call. During the conference, remote team members can connect to the display and make their own annotations as if they were there. This allows effective visual collaboration from anywhere.

Three Examples of how a Dallas Integrator Can Help Schools With Their Education Needs

In addition to commercial clients, AV integrators partner with schools and universities to improve their AV resources. If your school wants better technology for its students and teachers, here's three projects to consider:
  1. Interactive displays - The Clevertouch is also a good fit for the classroom, where it makes for an excellent lesson planning and delivery tool. With a Clevertouch, teachers can "wow" their students with visually engaging presentations that also provide an audio and tactile edge. Interactive displays can also be used to support collaboration between students. Set up a few of them in a STEM lab, for example, and your students can develop their ideas with each other using their eyes and fingers.
  2. Enhanced audio systems - A lot of classrooms are plagued with poor audio, leading to reduced engagement and retention among students. To counter this common problem, AV integrators can implement audio enhancement solutions. This could be as simple as placing a couple of speakers in the room and running a worn microphone through them. It could be as complex as setting up a school-wide audio system that's connected to the building's PA hardware.
  3. Digital signage and wayfinding - Digital signage works everywhere, including in schools. With digital signage, you can display event schedules, competition results, or even just the occasional spirit-boosting message. Your schools can also use digital signage for wayfinding purposes, which can help visitors and new students easily find their way around the building. This is extra helpful for university campuses.

Your Dallas Integrator Can Also Provide Maintenance and Support Services for Your AV Systems

The AV integration job isn't over just because installation is. A mistake some Dallas-area organizations make is neglecting system maintenance. Without that support, though, it's only a matter of time before your people run into an issue they can't easily solve. This is certainly true if your staff doesn't include an AV specialist. With an AV maintenance agreement, you can protect the equipment that's most valuable to your operations. Here's what you'll get with a maintenance agreement if you sign onto one with your integrator:
  • On-demand remote technical support - The first line of support is usually remote, either over the phone or through e-mail. In both instances, an integrator will help your employees through the issue quickly, as most AV issues are a matter of configuration or user error.
  • Onsite technical support - If the problem is intractable, the integrator will dispatch a technician to the client's facilities. There, the technician will diagnose the problem and determine what, if any, resources are needed to resolve the issue.
  • Preventative maintenance - The best offense is defense in AV, and that means preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance is offered either quarterly or monthly and involves dispatching a technician to inspect any covered equipment. While there, the technician will assess the hardware's performance and make changes where necessary to ensure future performance. This will ensure your AV solutions remain up and productive.
  • Warranty and shipping assistance - If hardware repairs or replacement are necessary and the equipment is covered by a warranty, the integrator will help process those warranties and facilitate shipping both ways for the client.
  • Additional training - AV integrators typically provide training with their integration services, but sometimes people need the occasional refresh. With a maintenance agreement, your Dallas integrator will offer extra training sessions to help your employees reinforce learned concepts or to introduce new, productivity-enhancing features.

Need to Upgrade or Replace Your Audio Visual System? A Dallas AV Integrator Can Help

If your office or school needs an AV upgrade, a certified Dallas AV integrator is the expert to work with. A certified integrator typically has experience with educational and corporate clients, so they know what solutions work best in each professional or classroom setting. Working with a certified AV integrator gives your organization access to a variety of AV specialists, each with their own capabilities. If you work with a certified Dallas integrator, for example, you'll be working with designers, technicians, and project managers to see your AV initiative through from start to finish. Not only will this minimize costs and optimize system performance, it will also give your organization all of the information it needs to make the right AV-related decisions. In short, if you're ready to make a commitment to AV, then a Dallas AV integrator is ready to help with the right solutions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]