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Barco ClickShare and ClickShare Conference

What is the Barco ClickShare and ClickShare Conference?

Barco’s ClickShare line of wireless presentation software is one of the industry’s most successful, as it allows teams to execute compelling presentations and meetings without touching a single surface. That makes it an ideal option for health-minded organizations. What’s new from Barco is its ClickShare Conference solution, which has been developed to facilitate conferencing with remote meeting participants.

Remote meetings were on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now they’re a fixture among many professional teams. However, most companies must rely on several conferencing platforms to communicate between departments, with clients and with partners. The Barco ClickShare Conference was designed in response to this trend, to streamline remote communication between parties, no matter what conferencing platform they prefer.

What is included with the Barco ClickShare Conference solution?

The Barco ClickShare Conference comes with a few hardware components and an app to connect users to the system. On the hardware side, there’s the base unit and the ClickShare Button. Here’s a quick look at both:

ClickShare base unit

The base unit connects to your existing conferencing system, including its peripherals, like cameras and speakers. The base unit is compact and comes with an array of inputs and outputs for maximum compatibility. It can output HDMI video at 4K UHD, audio through USB, SPDIF, HDMI or through a jack, and it comes with three more USB-A ports and a USB-C port. It also has a single 1GB Ethernet port for wired network connectivity.

Once connected to your existing system, the base unit can then be linked to a ClickShare button for extremely fast, point-to-point communication.

ClickShare Button

The ClickShare Conference also comes with a pair of ClickShare Buttons. Each button allows users to quickly connect to the room’s conference system, without complicated authentication protocols or unfamiliar interfaces to deal with. All the user has to do is connect their laptop to the button, press the button and that’s it. The process lasts under 10 seconds and can be used with any conferencing system.

Three standout features of the Barco ClickShare Conference

The Barco ClickShare Conference, like Barco’s other ClickShare products, come with several features that enhance controllability and compatibility. Three of those features are:

  1. Triple agnostic – Intercompatibility is the main driver behind the Barco ClickShare’s design. Businesses, universities, schools and governmental facilities are forced to utilize several conferencing platforms to communicate with as many people as possible. The Barco ClickShare Conference, though, is triple agnostic, which means it can be used with any device (including desktop, Android and iOS), with any conferencing platform, and with any hardware.
    This means the Barco ClickShare Conference is one of the most flexible conferencing technologies on the market. No matter what conferencing setup a particular room is using, the ClickShare Conference allows for seamless connectivity, which is ideal for BYOD-focused organizations.
  2. Compatible with interactive hardware – Two of the three Barco ClickShare Conference models can be used with interactive hardware. Once connected, users can access the touch display from their own device and control their device from the screen. Users can also annotate and utilize whiteboarding software in this way, so a fully featured conferencing experience is part of the Barco ClickShare Conference.
  3. It comes with cloud management and analytics – Remote management is a major feature for modern AV technologies, and the Barco ClickShare Conference can also be managed in this way. Through the ClickShare Conference’s XMS Cloud platform, IT can push over updates, check system status, and restart the system. Also, through XMS Cloud, IT can also view usage analytics, so it’s obvious which ClickShares are getting regular use, and which ClickShares can be allocated to busier spaces. In this way, organizations get maximum value from their investment.

In addition to the above, the Barco ClickShare is built with enhanced security and comes with five years of SmartCare coverage, so your system is protected years after installation.

What Barco ClickShare Conference models are available?

The Barco ClickShare Conference is available in three models, and they differ slightly in feature set. The three models include:

  1. The CX-20 – The CX-20 is Barco’s entry ClickShare Conference model and is ideal for smaller meeting spaces like huddle rooms. Like Barco’s other two models, it offers full BYOD support and can be used with Airplay, Google Cast or Miracast, among other platforms. It comes with a single ClickShare Button and is triple agnostic, like all Barco wireless presentation and conferencing products.
  2. The CX-30 – The CX-30 model is Barco’s most popular and is built with a couple extra features, so it can fit into most meeting spaces. In addition to BYOD support and triple agnostic compatibility, the CX-30 allows for full interactivity and moderation. This moderation is extended to the Barco ClickShare’s room view feature, which delivers a full-room image of the meeting to remote meeting members.
    Further, the CX-30 comes with two ClickShare Buttons and can maintain two sources at once, for larger conferences.
  3. The CX-50 – The CX-50 is Barco’s most advanced ClickShare Conference model and is aimed at larger meeting rooms. It comes with the same features available with the CX-20 and CX-30 models, including BYOD support, triple agnostic compatibility and full interactivity. Further, the CX-50 is packaged with an enhanced base unit built with additional ports for more inputs and outputs. That means more devices, more people and better collaboration.

The Barco ClickShare Conference is helping organizations make sense of confusing conferencing solutions. With the ClickShare Conference, it no longer matters what conferencing platforms your teams are using or where your teams are using them. With its enhanced compatibility features, ease of use and robust controls and analytics, the Barco ClickShare Conference is making remote meetings quick and simple for everyone involved.