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When Should A Business Consider An Audio Visual Projector?

An audio and visual projector offers several advantages for business meetings and presentations. Projection technology is popular for its cost-effectiveness, and it’s capable of producing images with a diagonal as long as 300 inches. Projection systems are also compact, require little work to install, and are durable enough to hold up over the long haul. Continue reading “When Should A Business Consider An Audio Visual Projector?”

Why Should Organizations Consider Conference Room Scheduling Software?

Conference room scheduling software makes it easier to organize meetings, and this can save your team a lot of wasted time. How much time? According to a survey of 1,500 managers, put together by Doodle, the typical administrative staff member spends nearly five hours a week scheduling and coordinating meetings. Time is money, and all that wasted time means U.S. businesses are losing nearly $400 billion every year according to Doodle’s 2019 State of Meetings Report.

Companies can get this time back with conference room scheduling software, along with many other benefits that come with more efficient and transparent meeting organization. Continue reading “Why Should Organizations Consider Conference Room Scheduling Software?”

The Importance Of Audio Quality For Conference Calls

There’s no denying the power of the conference call, and there’s plenty of statistics to back this up. They are powerful tools for retaining talented employees, according to a Stanford University study. That study found that employee turnover dropped more than 50 percent when employees were allowed to work from home and collaborate through conference calls. Continue reading “The Importance Of Audio Quality For Conference Calls”

Why Should Organizations Consider An AV Service Agreement?

The value of an AV service agreement includes better system reliability, better system performance and improved system adoption rates. Companies, schools, universities, government institutions and other organizations could all benefit from having a service agreement in place.

AV service agreements are customizable to an extent, so companies and schools can prioritize what equipment needs to be covered, and how much support is needed. Continue reading “Why Should Organizations Consider An AV Service Agreement?”

How Does An Interactive Whiteboard Benefit The Classroom?

Interactive whiteboards have surged in popularity over the past decade, and students have benefited tremendously from this upward trend. According to research published in Educational Leadership, students taught with an interactive whiteboard experienced, on average, a 16 point gain in student achievement. In other words, the typical student at the 50-percentile mark would jump to the 66-percentile if they had an interactive whiteboard available as a learning tool. Continue reading “How Does An Interactive Whiteboard Benefit The Classroom?”

What Technology Should An Office Training Room Have?

Modern training rooms use AV technology to enhance training materials and drive collaboration. With more effective visuals and interactivity, AV solutions can help trainers deliver better learning content, in a way that engages as well as educates. Continue reading “What Technology Should An Office Training Room Have?”

An AV Control System Links Man and Technology

AV Control System

No AV solution is complete without a control system, especially if the technology will be used by many people, each with their own level of technical expertise. At first glance, control systems aren’t much to look at, especially compared to other, visually impactful AV technologies. Control systems are critical in ensuring the system operates as it should, without frustrating the user and while remaining within defined parameters. Continue reading “An AV Control System Links Man and Technology”

Conference Room Solutions Are Productivity Solutions

AV Integrated Conference Room

Conference rooms remain essential to corporate communications, and when they are driven by AV technology, they can drive productivity as well. Americans are involved in more meetings than ever, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since 2000, the average meeting length has increased by 10 percent, and U.S. businesses hold about 11 million meetings a day. In short, professionals spend a lot of their time preparing for and executing meetings. Give them better tools, and they’ll prepare and execute those meetings with greater impact and efficiency. Continue reading “Conference Room Solutions Are Productivity Solutions”