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Conference Rooms Are Better With Digital Signage

video conference

Digital signage’s potential is limitless when used as a form of external communication, but it also offers compelling benefits when designed for internal use. A 2012 McKinsey Global Institute study drives this point home. According to that study, when digital signage is properly positioned, designed and configured, it can improve productivity by up to 25 percent. That’s millions or billions in lost productivity that could be recovered with a proper digital signage solution, like the one experienced AV integrators are able to provide. Continue reading “Conference Rooms Are Better With Digital Signage”

What Are Good Examples Of Interactive Whiteboard Software?

Using Clevertouch In School

Interactive panels like the Clevertouch and ActivPanel are sophisticated pieces of hardware, but it’s their software that makes them excellent educational tools. Promethean’s ActivPanel is powered by its ActivInspire and ClassFlow software, while the Clevertouch comes with its own diverse set of offerings. Continue reading “What Are Good Examples Of Interactive Whiteboard Software?”

The Modern Training Room Needs An Audio And Visual System

Training Room

Training room AV systems enhance communication between instructor and trainee, driving engagement and material retention. It’s well-known that people process images faster and more deeply than text or voice. According to research gathered by 3M, people process visuals around 60,000 times faster than text. That means an effective training room should engage people visually and with clear audio that improves ease of understanding. Continue reading “The Modern Training Room Needs An Audio And Visual System”

What Is An Audio Visual Specialist?

AV Integrated Conference Room

An audio visual specialist knows how AV can solve problems, and how to best set up AV systems to provide the ideal solution. According to the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA, the AV industry is expected to grow past the $200 billion threshold by 2020, and much of that growth is in services. That’s important, because a reputable audio visual specialist is more than just an equipment provider – they also provide planning, ongoing support and maintenance for their clients’ projects. Continue reading “What Is An Audio Visual Specialist?”

There’s More Than One Way To Set Up Video Conference Rooms

Conference Room

There are endless options on setting up video conference rooms. Which one works best for your company will depend on the size of the room, how frequently conferencing technology is used, the room’s acoustics and the kind of technology your team is comfortable with. Video conference room setups range from the minimalist, single-display approach found in huddle rooms to immersive telepresence systems that may look like they belong in a sci-fi movie. Continue reading “There’s More Than One Way To Set Up Video Conference Rooms”

Training Is An Essential Element Of Any AV Solution

AV Integrated Conference Room

Audio and visual training isn’t just for learning, but also generates interest in the technology and increases the likelihood that employees will accept it. When AV training is handled by a reputable integrator, the technology will be embraced and effective. Continue reading “Training Is An Essential Element Of Any AV Solution”

Are AV Experts Necessary For Every AV Project?

AV experts like integrators can make even the most complex AV project manageable, and they should be trusted to handle any AV initiative. Businesses, schools, the military and government facilities are all adopting AV solutions at a rapid pace, and the demand for knowledgeable AV experts is at an all-time high. Continue reading “Are AV Experts Necessary For Every AV Project?”

The Value of Certified AV Integrators

The value of certified AV integrators is rising, and The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA) is the most respected certifying association in the AV industry. More than 14,000 AV professionals have sought certification through the association. The vast majority of those certified professionals have completed the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) program, while thousands more have specialized further. Continue reading “The Value of Certified AV Integrators”

AV Integrators Can Help Determine Which Audio Visual Products are Needed

Even the best audio and visual products will be rendered obsolete eventually, so companies should plan to make periodic upgrades to their AV technology. These upgrade cycles are necessary for improving system performance and functionality, so they shouldn’t be put off. When upgrades are delayed, it’s often because there’s no one around to research and select the proper technology. Continue reading “AV Integrators Can Help Determine Which Audio Visual Products are Needed”

Standardization Of Systems Across An Enterprise

Some of the most successful companies rely on process standardization to improve efficiency and productivity, and they rely on AV standardization to streamline their employees’ AV experience.

What is AV standardization, exactly? It’s defining one or more AV solutions for a client, and using them consistently across the company’s facilities and departments. For example, if a company hasn’t standardized their AV technology, they may have a different video conferencing system for every meeting room. There may be an interactive display in one conference room and a standard display in another. One employee may use one brand of conferencing software, while one of their team members may prefer another. Continue reading “Standardization Of Systems Across An Enterprise”