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An AV Control System Links Man and Technology

AV Control System

No AV solution is complete without a control system, especially if the technology will be used by many people, each with their own level of technical expertise. At first glance, control systems aren’t much to look at, especially compared to other, visually impactful AV technologies. Control systems are critical in ensuring the system operates as it should, without frustrating the user and while remaining within defined parameters. Continue reading “An AV Control System Links Man and Technology”

Audio And Visual Systems Integration Is An Involved Process

digital white board

Audio and visual systems integration is more relevant than ever before, as businesses, schools and government institutions turn to AV experts for modern communication solutions. This was the subject of Commercial Integrator’s 2019 State of the Industry Report, which projects a nearly 10 percent growth rate for the AV industry in 2019, so integrators are busy all over the country. Continue reading “Audio And Visual Systems Integration Is An Involved Process”

A/V Installation Should Be Handled By A Professional Integrator

AV Integrated Boardroom

The AV installation process is more than just the installation. It’s about integrating the technology into the company’s existing systems and workflow, and that’s a task only an AV integrator is equipped to handle. Given the complexities involved, the goal for businesses should be to find an integrator they trust to handle the job. Continue reading “A/V Installation Should Be Handled By A Professional Integrator”

Data Projection Is Now BrightLink Pro Certified

The EPSON BrightLink Pro is an industry leading interactive display, and Data Projections is now a certified expert in its installation and use. What does it mean to be BrightLink Pro certified? It means Data Projections is able to serve as your primary technology partner in all things BrightLink Pro. Continue reading “Data Projection Is Now BrightLink Pro Certified”

The Value Of Audio And Visual Support

Audio and visual support is what keeps an AV solution running at peak capacity, long after it has been installed. It’s the goal of every reputable AV integrator to serve as their clients’ AV technology partner, for several reasons. Most importantly, AV solutions aren’t the kind of solutions that are installed, configured and forgotten about. With time, network issues, aging equipment and tinkering with the system’s settings will cause a decline in performance. Continue reading “The Value Of Audio And Visual Support”

AV Technology Drives Distance Learning

AV Huddle Room

There is an endless list of reasons why distance learning labs are surging in popularity, and there are many reasons why AV technology is critical to their continued success. The statistics regarding virtual learning and its many forms are illuminating. According to SH!FT, eLearning methods like distance learning improve retention rates by 25 to 60 percent. This may be due to the fact that students using distance learning have more control over how they pace their lessons. The Pew Research Center polled university presidents on distance learning as well. Its survey revealed that half of all university presidents expect most of their students to take classes online within 10 years. Continue reading “AV Technology Drives Distance Learning”

An Organization With AV Equipment Needs An Audio And Visual Contractor

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Audio Visual contractors and integrators are technology experts, able to bring together a room full of AV equipment and ensure it works properly. Businesses, schools and other institutions expect that from their AV integrator, but an integrator can do much more. In addition to planning, procuring and installing AV technology, integrators can also provide long term maintenance for the system, and long term service for its owner. Continue reading “An Organization With AV Equipment Needs An Audio And Visual Contractor”

The Four Things To Look For In Audio And Video Companies

AV Integrated Boardroom

The AV industry is growing at a rapid pace, and it seems that new integrators jump into the market every day. The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA, has tracked the state of the industry, and published its 2018 findings in its AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis Global Summary. Continue reading “The Four Things To Look For In Audio And Video Companies”

The Modern Training Room Needs An Audio And Visual System

Training Room

Training room AV systems enhance communication between instructor and trainee, driving engagement and material retention. It’s well-known that people process images faster and more deeply than text or voice. According to research gathered by 3M, people process visuals around 60,000 times faster than text. That means an effective training room should engage people visually and with clear audio that improves ease of understanding. Continue reading “The Modern Training Room Needs An Audio And Visual System”

What Is An Audio Visual Specialist?

AV Integrated Conference Room

An audio visual specialist knows how AV can solve problems, and how to best set up AV systems to provide the ideal solution. According to the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association, or AVIXA, the AV industry is expected to grow past the $200 billion threshold by 2020, and much of that growth is in services. That’s important, because a reputable audio visual specialist is more than just an equipment provider – they also provide planning, ongoing support and maintenance for their clients’ projects. Continue reading “What Is An Audio Visual Specialist?”