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What Factors Determine Interactive Flat Panel Prices

AV Integrated Conference Room

What are typical interactive flat panel prices?

Interactive flat panel prices range from a $1,000 to $10,000 or more, depending on the brand and model. The Microsoft Surface Hub 2, for example, costs close to $10,000 or more, while some lesser known brands may produce models that cost significantly less. Continue reading “What Factors Determine Interactive Flat Panel Prices”

The Clevertouch Wins Its Sixth Award In 2019

Data Projections is partnered with the most successful AV manufacturers in the world, including Clevertouch, which just won its sixth award of 2019. The Clevertouch is a leading interactive display technology, with a long history of market success in the U.S. and Europe. It’s available in two models – the Plus Series and Pro Series, each designed for education and business.

Both models have been recognized for their superior manufacturing and design. In 2019, the Pro and Plus Series took home three awards apiece, meaning the Clevertouch is the most decorated interactive display in the industry.

A Closer Look at This Successful Year for the Clevertouch

This isn’t the first year the Clevertouch has run the award table. In 2018, the Clevertouch Plus Series was named the Collaboration Product of the Year by AV News Awards, and the Clevertouch Pro Series earned Collaboration Product of the Year at the InAVation Awards.

In 2016 and 2017, Clevertouch won the coveted Interactive Product of the Year at the AV Awards. In 2015, also at the AV Awards, the company received the Manufacturer of the Year designation.

Clevertouch has a winning history, and a winning present. Here are the awards the interactive display took home in 2019:

AV Awards
(Interactive Display Technology of the Year)

The AV Awards are considered the Oscars of the AV world, and the Plus Series took home the highest honor.

AV News Awards
(AV Display Innovation of the Year)

AV News handed its award to the Pro Series, and the Clevertouch won out over Samsung and Avocor display models.

InAVation Awards (Technology for Collaboration and Conferencing)

InAVate is a media-centric AV organization that serves Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The Clevertouch Pro Series took home one of its technology awards, beating out interactive displays manufactured by Epson and Samsung, among others.

KEiBA Awards
(Technology Business of the Year)

KEiBA is a business-centric award ceremony that recognizes companies at the head of their various fields. Clevertouch earned its award for its continued innovation and market success in the AV industry. KEiBA also pointed out the engineering superiority behind the company’s products, as the failure rate of Clevertouch Plus Series displays is below 1 percent. That’s the best mark among touchscreen displays.

Infocomm Best of Show Award

Infocomm is under the Audiovisual & Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA), which is considered one of the top AV industry organizations. The Best of Show Award was given to the Pro Series.

Tech & Learning Awards

Tech & Learning is focused on educational AV technology, and the Clevertouch Plus Series (which is designed for educators) won a coveted award.

Why Data Projections Prefers the Clevertouch

The Clevertouch is an impressively decorated interactive display technology, and Data Projections has offered it for years. Some of the reasons the Clevertouch has been and remains a staple offering include:

Purpose built for education or enterprise

The Clevertouch is available in its Plus Series and Pro Series. The Plus Series is for educators and the Pro Series is designed for business settings.

The Plus Series is the company’s original offering and has been a mainstay in classrooms around North America and Europe for years. It’s built with several features that make education more engaging and more memorable. It’s also built with advanced controls that allow teachers to utilize the device wherever they are.

The Pro Series is designed to fit into existing workflows, with support for popular solutions like Skye for Business, Zoom and Slack. It’s also built with formidable security and network options, which ensures it is appropriate for enterprise applications.

Quality and usability in a single package

The Clevertouch can output 4K resolutions with extremely high contrast ratios for vivid imagery. This is made possible with LED technology, which is the most advanced display option on the market. A typical Clevertouch will provide at least 50,000 hours of rated performance, though it’s common for displays to exceed this number. That’s several years of low maintenance operation, so every Clevertouch is a long-term investment.

This level of quality, though, doesn’t come at the expense of usability. Both the Plus and Pro Series are designed for ease of use, which is important given the number of people who will utilize the display. The superior usability is driven by its LUX operating system, which is similar to the interface on Android devices. This means anyone who is familiar with mobile device UIs (that’s nearly everyone, at this point) will have no trouble getting accustomed to the display’s controls and functions.

A wealth of educational resources

The Clevertouch Plus Series comes with an array of software and supplemental resources, designed to enhance the display’s educational impact. Standout software offerings include Lynx, Clevermaths and Snowflake MultiTeach, which were all designed with input from educators. Lynx allows for easy lesson creation and media collation, along with extensive whiteboarding options. Clevermaths is used to model advanced math functions (including graphing), physics and chemistry experiments. Snowflake Multiteach turns the Clevertouch into an exploration learning center, where multiple students can engage with quizzes, games or art activities at their own pace.

Further, the Clevertouch comes with the Cleverstore, which houses hundreds of educational applications that are completely free. The Cleverstore is tightly curated to maintain app quality.

Superior writing tools

The Plus and Pro Series are both available with a Super Glide Surface, which enables precision handwriting and gestures. When paired with a high precision touch pen, users can write naturally with no lag and erase with their palm.

The Clevertouch can accommodate up to 20 points of simultaneous touch, too, so several people can access the display at once.

Superior presentation and control tools

The Plus and Pro Series are compatible with the Clevershare app, which allows educators and presenters to control the display remotely. Clevershare can also be used to share content from up to 50 other devices, and four screens can be sent to display simultaneously. This is perfect for class presentations or brainstorming sessions.

Remote management options

The Clevertouch also comes with a robust MDM, so IT administrators can monitor, control and update an entire network of displays from a single device. With the Clevertouch MDM, IT personnel can organize displays into groups for easy control and updating, take control of individual Clevertouch displays, send direct messages to one or more displays, start or restart a display, or lock a display in the event of theft.

Clevertouch MDM makes it easy for organizations to scale up their Clevertouch presence without adding more busywork for IT.

There’s a lot to like about the Clevertouch – so much, in fact, that the display has earned more than its fair share of awards. It’s a clear sign that the Clevertouch is the leading interactive display available, and a compelling AV solution for Data Projection’s clients.

How Does An Interactive Whiteboard Benefit The Classroom?

Interactive whiteboards have surged in popularity over the past decade, and students have benefited tremendously from this upward trend. According to research published in Educational Leadership, students taught with an interactive whiteboard experienced, on average, a 16 point gain in student achievement. In other words, the typical student at the 50-percentile mark would jump to the 66-percentile if they had an interactive whiteboard available as a learning tool. Continue reading “How Does An Interactive Whiteboard Benefit The Classroom?”

What Are Good Examples Of Interactive Whiteboard Software?

What Are Good Examples Of Interactive Whiteboard Software

Interactive panels like the Clevertouch, ActivPanel and ThinkHub are sophisticated pieces of hardware, but it’s their software that makes them excellent educational tools. The ActivPanel and Clevertouch are backed by a suite of engaging education tools, while the ThinkHub’s collaboration software makes it a champ in corporate settings.

All three displays can perform in both professional and educational environments, using their versatile software tools. We’ll take a look at these interactive whiteboards, the software they offer, and how that software can be used to get the most from each display.

What are the Clevertouch’s software offerings?

The Clevertouch is a versatile piece of technology, and its software options are versatile as well. Some of those options include:

  • Cleverstore – The Cleverstore is an online educational app store, designed to provide teachers with an endless number of software-based educational tools. Every application in the Cleverstore is free, with no in-app purchases and all in-app content unlocked. The Cleverstore receives frequent updates, so there’s always new tools to explore.
  • Lynx Whiteboard – The Clevertouch’s Lynx Whiteboard software is the display’s primary lesson planning and annotation software. In the classroom, Lynx Whiteboard can be used to annotate endlessly and bring in supporting media, either from the display’s onboard drive or from the internet.Lynx Whiteboard also comes with activity templates, like quizzes that can be augmented for various lessons. Multiple users can annotate in Lynx at once, and remote students can also join in as if they were in the room. Lynx also has a set of math and science tools to help students visualize math and scientific concepts better.
  • Snowflake – Snowflake also allows for faster and more powerful lesson planning. With Snowflake, teachers can build out dynamic lessons or download lessons that other teachers have created.Snowflake also stands out for its Zones feature. When needed, Zones allow teachers to split the Clevertouch screen into multiple areas, each capable of running their own Snowflake lesson content. Zones let students work through lessons at their own pace and take control of their learning.
  • Stage – Stage is the Clevertouch’s lightweight collaboration software, designed primarily for corporate environments. Stage is focused on providing a simple conferencing and collaboration experience, with minimal connectivity complexity. Just press a button, enter a code and you’re ready to collaborate with your remote teams.There are many more software options available with the Clevertouch, so schools and businesses can customize their interactive display to a fine degree.

What are the ActivPanel’s software offerings?

Promethean’s ActivPanel is another respected interactive display in the educational space. Part of what makes it a respected product is its software – and specifically its ActivInspire and ClassFlow applications. Here’s a look at each:

  • ActivInspire – The ActivPanel has long been powered by Promethean’s ActivInspire software, which is one of the most successful and respected lesson planning programs available to educators. ActivInspire comes with annotation and whiteboarding tools and can be used to deliver any kind of subject material.It’s also built with several lesson-enhancing features. Timers, spinners and dice rolls add engagement to the lesson. The spotlight tool can focus students’ attention and point out important notes. The revealer tool conceals answers or notes before they are needed, so students follow along with the teacher.ActivInspire also has additional teaching resources online, some created by other educators, that can be brought into a lesson.
  • ClassFlow – ClassFlow is Promethean’s newest software option and is another lesson delivery technology, though this one is cloud-based. ClassFlow is a teacher community-driven lesson warehouse, with millions of resources available to educators. ClassFlow also comes with plenty of ready-built activities, designed to leverage the ActivPanel in interesting ways. Through ClassFlow, teachers can send rapid response quizzes to students using a tablet, a smartphone, a laptop or a response clicker. ClassFlow’s coolest feature, though, may be the ability to send digital badges to students. These badges can be used to reward hard work and good performance, and it adds an easy incentive that students respond to well. Reinforcing diligent learning and study is a good way to ensure it continues.

What software does ThinkHub come with?

The ThinkHub is designed for corporate settings, where its powerful collaboration tools can spark better brainstorming and encourage faster meetings. Its whiteboard capabilities are truly impressive and come with the following features:

  • Endless whiteboarding – The ThinkHub’s canvas is practically infinite, stretching out to 20 times the size of the display. With acres of white space to work with, professional teams can collaborate however they want for as long as they want.
  • No limits on content sharing – Along with limitless space comes limitless content sharing potential. The ThinkHub can be used to bring in any content during whiteboarding, whether that content is an image, a PDF, a video or something else.
  • Can be paired with video conferencing – Video conferencing can enhance whiteboarding-based collaboration, and ThinkHub is designed to work with all popular conferencing platforms. That includes Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex and BlueJeans.
  • Display agnostic – The ThinkHub isn’t confined to a single display brand. It can be used with just about any display brand and with just about any display size. This includes displays that are strongly vertical or horizontal in shape.
  • BYOD-compatible – Many users prefer sharing content from their own device during a meeting, and ThinkHub makes this simple to do, with compatibility across multiple device brands.

Interactive whiteboards and panels are impressive, but what makes them great teaching and presentation mediums is their software. The ActivPanel, ThinkHub and Clevertouch all come with industry-leading software offerings that can empower and drive education and collaboration.

What Is The Difference Between eCAP And InGlass Technologies?

Are all interactive flat panels made with the same touchscreen technology?

Interactive flat panel manufacturers have several options for their touchscreens, and as one might expect, they come with their positives and negatives. Newer touchscreens, though, are more responsive and more accurate than ever before, thanks to superior touchscreen engineering. Of these options, the most capable are technologies like eCAP and InGlass. Both detect gestures in a different manner, but both are effective in a variety of settings. Continue reading “What Is The Difference Between eCAP And InGlass Technologies?”

What To Expect When Using The Clevertouch MDM App

Using Clevertouch In School

What are the benefits of the Clevertouch MDM app?

There are compelling reasons for schools and businesses to integrate the Clevertouch MDM app, whether they use a single panel or multiple displays. Clevertouch’s MDM app (mobile device management) offers a powerful combination of security and control functions, giving IT personnel plenty of tools in managing their interactive flat panels with precision and ease. So, is MDM necessary for your Clevertouch fleet? No, it’s not necessary, but it should be strongly considered. The increase in security and display control will ensure a better return on investment. Continue reading “What To Expect When Using The Clevertouch MDM App”

Clevertouch OTA Updates


How do Clevertouch OTA updates benefit the user?

Clevertouch OTA updates allow educational and commercial institutions to easily keep their network protected, updated and running as efficiently as possible. A world without over-the-air, or OTA, updates would be much slower. Think of how difficult it would be if wireless updates weren’t possible. What if a phone had to be wired into the manufacturer’s network every time a firmware update was required? Continue reading “Clevertouch OTA Updates”

Clevertouch Vs Other Interactive Whiteboards

How does the Clevertouch stack up against other interactive whiteboards?

The Clevertouch is a clear leader in the interactive flat panel market, especially in the world of education. With an impressive history of success in Europe, and now the U.S., Clevertouch is an ideal option for any classroom, meeting room or training space. But what about other interactive flat panels, like the Google Jamboard or Microsoft Surface Hub? Continue reading “Clevertouch Vs Other Interactive Whiteboards”

Decision Makers Are Flipping Over The Samsung Flip

Samsung Flip

Technology moves quickly, and things are constantly evolving for the better. But in some applications, simple is simply better. Samsung has recognized that with its entry into the interactive white board market.

As some manufacturers are creating intensive applications designed to help businesses and boardrooms, in a simple conference room or meeting setting the features can be overwhelming, and it’s easier to break out the old flip chart and a few markers. Enter Samsung. Continue reading “Decision Makers Are Flipping Over The Samsung Flip”

MS Hub vs. Clevertouch For Schools

The interactive display market is a competitive one, and Microsoft’s addition to it will only make the market even more competitive. Its version of the technology, the MS Hub, was first released to the market about two years ago, and it just oozes “Microsoft.” There’s some good and bad to that, but the bottom line is this – the Hub is a specialty product, and for the vast majority of teams out there, it’s too expensive and just too much. Continue reading “MS Hub vs. Clevertouch For Schools”