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ARCUS Makes Streaming Live Events Simple Enough For Everyone

Streaming live events, whether to a few or a few hundred thousand, is a challenge for many. Much of the difficulty has to do with delivering the stream to the desired audience, as a lot can go wrong. Discover Video’s ARCUS delivery system removes these potential hiccups and gives users the power to reach who they want, when they want. As such, ARCUS can be a primary video delivery option for nearly any event, including town hall meetings, K-12 morning announcements, training sessions and secure corporate meetings. Continue reading “ARCUS Makes Streaming Live Events Simple Enough For Everyone”

Live Morning Announcements For Education

School Video Wall Display

A proper start to the morning

Live morning announcements for education are a mainstay, as they offer schools a chance to reach students before class even begins. They’ve been around for decades, in one form or another, and they remain a powerful teaching, creative, motivating, informing and unifying tool for schools. Modern video streaming and display technology allows educators and administrators to do much more than blast garbled audio over the PA system. Schools can now do some impressive things with their video technology, creating morning announcements that will draw attention. Continue reading “Live Morning Announcements For Education”

Understanding The Basics Of Video Streaming Hardware

When handled carefully and creatively, video streaming represents an enormous opportunity for businesses of all sizes and industries. It can radically improve a company’s internal and external communications, representing a hyper efficient approach to training and an engaging branding method. It’s truly difficult to overestimate the power of video streaming in the right hands, but it’s also difficult to relate some of the technical concepts involved in the process. Fortunately, those concepts shouldn’t be something that most business leaders concern themselves with, just like executives shouldn’t concern themselves with the nature of network traffic. It’s entirely possible to set up effective video streaming without making a huge time or financial commitment, and A/V integrators can guide their clients through the process, ensuring production quality and usability are fully optimized. Continue reading “Understanding The Basics Of Video Streaming Hardware”

Benefits That Online Video Streaming Can Provide To Businesses

Online video streaming is so ubiquitous at this point that people expect to see it when they visit an organization’s website, whether that organization is a nonprofit, a school or a business. With the widespread adoption of broadband and intuitive media editing programs available, any organization can produce media for its audience. Continue reading “Benefits That Online Video Streaming Can Provide To Businesses”

Wireless Video Streaming Is Important For Schools & Businesses

Schools and businesses are often slow to adopt new and exciting technologies, but they shouldn’t lag behind on wireless video streaming, as there is a world of content to explore out there. In mere minutes, a business can connect its employees to training webinars and online classes. A company can deliver its own training material or presentations across its entire staff, pushing out incredible amounts of information in a short time. This is also invaluable for a school, which can bring high-tech science, history and math presentations to every classroom with a few keystrokes. There are few limitations on the technology, and the potential impact is enormous. Continue reading “Wireless Video Streaming Is Important For Schools & Businesses”