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Poly Headsets

With the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, the national workforce went from mostly onsite to work from home in a matter of a month, and many are still working remotely today. This change in how we work has brought unique challenges with one of the primary ones being how we listen and communicate. Poly headsets have been a staple for companies to assist with both of these issues over the years, but in this new work from home age, their popularity is skyrocketing, and with good reason.

What Are Poly Headsets?

These specially designed headsets were created with the work focused individual in mind. Wearing a headset helps ease the burden of holding the phone up to the ear and instead allows your hands to be free while on a call to facilitate multitasking. At the same time, the headset blocks out distracting noise and communicates the sounds you need to hear.

When working from home, different employees will have special needs. There is seldom a one size fits all solution which is why Poly headsets offer a variety of options for employees, whether they are remote or onsite. These can include:

  • Over the head headsets
  • In the ear headsets
  • Around the ear headsets

Individuals can customize their communication experience by choosing the best device for their particular work style.

Why Poly Headsets Are A Must Whether You Work from Home or At the Office

One of the hallmark differences in using Poly headsets is that they are designed to help both parties on the phone call focus on the work at hand.

One of the ways they can improve the quality of a work conversation is by minimizing ambient noise in an employee’s environment that comes through on a phone call. Here are two examples:

At Home:

Individuals who are working from home with housemates, spouses, children, and pets likely already know that finding a quiet environment to work in can be difficult. Picture having an important conversation with a prospective client and just as you get ready to seal the deal the dog barks so loudly at the delivery truck in front of your house that you cannot hear the client and they cannot hear you. It is not of the things great business deals are made of. But by using a Poly headset, you can have the added peace of mind on calls that the person on the other end of the line will hear your voice over other sounds in your work from home environment.

At the Office:

Some offices have erected cubicles in an effort to provide social distancing and help limit the spread of germs. In this type of situation, employees are separated but their voices can still carry which can make having a private conversation a challenge. There could be up to a dozen conversations happening simultaneously and all that ambient noise adds up as a distraction. However, when communicating through a Poly headset, an employee can ensure that their voice (and not their neighbor’s voice) is the primary sound the person on the other end of the line will hear.

Another primary way these headsets can enhance the phone experience is by eliminating ambient noise directly for the employee:

At Home:

Individuals working in a home office may find it distracting to be on a call when the home printer begins cranking out a twenty-page document for someone else at home. A Poly headset is designed to help an employee block out that noise so it does not interfere with phone calls.

At the Office:

If two colleagues a cubicle over are still discussing this morning’s traffic jam and you need to block out that noise and get to work, simply put on your headset to help cancel out the noise and get down to business.

While Poly headsets in general are designed to block out noise for the user, some employees prefer the effectiveness of the over the head model for this need.

Benefits of Using Poly Headsets

In addition to the above, working via a Poly headset can have some advantages for employees and employers including:

Enhanced communication

If you have ever spoken with a colleague over the phone whose voice fades in and out as they try to communicate while multitasking, you likely know how frustrating it can be. Using a headset can eliminate your voice from sounding as though it is going in and out during a phone call and instead remain clear and steady.

Improved Posture

There is no need to experience neck pain after a day of cradling a phone between your chin and shoulder. By wearing a headset, the chin and shoulder can remain at more natural angles that create less strain on posture.

Increased Productivity

Some studies have shown that by simply wearing a headset and keeping the hands free, it may increase the user’s productivity by as much as forty percent. Being a productive employee may help fast track an employee’s success within a company.


Since business communications in this day and age extend well beyond the phone to applications such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, etc., Poly headsets are designed to have a range of different compatibility options.

Whether you are in a work from home, in person, or hybrid corporate environment, Poly headsets facilitate clear communication allowing business to continue seamlessly and without distraction.