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4 Technologies A Digital Control Room Should Include

NASA isn’t the only place where a digital control room can be found, as they have become essential to industry, military, government and public utilities. And though few control rooms reach NASA’s in terms of complexity, the general formula is the same from room to room. The goal is to provide and condense a staggering amount of data, accelerate decision making and enhance collaboration so that the best solutions win out. Continue reading “4 Technologies A Digital Control Room Should Include”

Understanding How A Network Operations Center Works

A network operations center, or NOC, is like a company’s nervous system, overseeing the performance and health of a telecommunication network at all times of the day. Not every business needs NOC support, but those that do need it will be at serious risk if they go without it. Continue reading “Understanding How A Network Operations Center Works”

When Is A Control Room Needed?

When it comes to conferences and meetings, a lot of information is lost and time wasted by lagging technology. Sometimes, conference areas are just not equipped to house and hold the latest technology, which causes the meeting audience to suffer. Instead, a control room is needed to house all the equipment and have it work out in the conference or meeting room, no matter its size. These spaces hold all of the necessary equipment and act as a space from which tech experts can work behind the scenes to ensure a meeting is going smoothly. These operations centers, as they are sometimes called, are lifesavers for meetings of larger audiences that are geographically dispersed, but not all of them can accommodate the latest A/V technology. Continue reading “When Is A Control Room Needed?”