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How Are Electronic Billboards Beneficial For Businesses

Electronic billboards are just one example of how video is increasingly replacing the static image. We don’t have to look any further than our Smartphones and our Apps to understand this advertising concept. Video enables the ability to share dynamic visual content, which makes for exceptionally effective marketing. Continue reading “How Are Electronic Billboards Beneficial For Businesses”

3 Ways Using Electronic Billboards Will Help Your Business

The future of outdoor advertising is in electronic billboards. Prognostications about the A/V industry are hit and miss, given the pace of technology, but one thing is certain – electronic billboards are an inevitability and will render print advertising obsolete in the very near future. There is practically no downside in shifting to a digital format and an incredible amount of potential. In many ways, the gulf between print and digital billboards is similar to the gulf between small scale print and digital advertising. And there are many reasons why digital is beating print by leaps and bounds. Continue reading “3 Ways Using Electronic Billboards Will Help Your Business”

What Are The Uses & Benefits Of A Digital Billboard

A digital billboard is one of the most promising new trends in advertising, and it offers excellent utility to all kinds of organizations, and even government entities. What makes these large LED displays so useful is their versatility and responsiveness. An LED display can be updated in real time and present an endless array of designs, giving display owners and advertisers excellent tools for producing an amenable relationship. And, of course, consumers respond to these displays extremely well, with industry surveys determining that about 90 percent of drivers and pedestrians notice them. Continue reading “What Are The Uses & Benefits Of A Digital Billboard”