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Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?

Video Wall Display

Many business owners wonder if they really need a 24/7 display, or if they can get away with using that TV they found on sale instead. While some televisions can be used for digital signage, there are long-term issues with this option. The problem is that a consumer television used for this purpose is going to provide an inferior display, inferior reliability and inferior controllability. Continue reading “Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?”

Why You Don’t Buy Your Corporate Flat Panel At Best Buy

There is always the temptation to cut out a perceived middleman and take on a project with minimal interference from other parties. This can make sense in some contexts, but in the corporate world, it is often a path fraught with pitfalls. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the A/V sector, where an inefficient solution can bring down the entire works. Continue reading “Why You Don’t Buy Your Corporate Flat Panel At Best Buy”

How Can Corporate Digital Signage Improve Businesses

Corporate-focused digital signage is an extremely powerful tool in creative hands, as the technology is only limited by the imagination. That’s not to say that digital signage can’t work in a conventional application, because it certainly can. In fact, most companies rely on their digital signage to enhance communication and branding in a myriad of subtle ways, not as a means for going viral. The shift from print signage to digital signage is a big one, and one that can pay off in a big way, but it’s not a decision to be made quickly and without expert guidance. Continue reading “How Can Corporate Digital Signage Improve Businesses”

9 Benefits Of Using Video Walls

Wherever video walls go, they are the centerpiece of attention. People can hardly be blamed for focusing on them, as they are capable of incredible visual designs at a scale that no other technology can match. There is a time and place for every display option, but video walls are king where impact is concerned. No other technology can be scaled up to fit in a sport stadium. No other technology can present ultra HD images at a scale large enough for an entire venue. No other technology is as dynamic or versatile as video walls. Continue reading “9 Benefits Of Using Video Walls”

Commercial vs. Residential Displays: Knowing The Difference

There is one thing that commercial and residential displays have in common, and that’s their appearance. This is why so many companies make the mistake of relying on consumer grade displays instead of those intended for commercial use. It’s an understandable, if not tempting choice, because commercial displays are more expensive than consumer televisions, often to a significant degree. Continue reading “Commercial vs. Residential Displays: Knowing The Difference”

6 Benefits Of Using Signage Software

Digital signage software is just as important as display hardware, as it ensures the hardware can be utilized completely and easily. With any A/V solution, there is always the question of usability – is it something that anyone can pick up and use, and can they use it productively? As digital signage has become more mainstream, signage software has kept pace, focusing on streamlining the layout process and offering additional features. Continue reading “6 Benefits Of Using Signage Software”

How Are Electronic Billboards Beneficial For Businesses

Electronic billboards are just one example of how video is increasingly replacing the static image. We don’t have to look any further than our Smartphones and our Apps to understand this advertising concept. Video enables the ability to share dynamic visual content, which makes for exceptionally effective marketing. Continue reading “How Are Electronic Billboards Beneficial For Businesses”

What Is Digital Signage And How It Makes An Impact

Digital signage is a growing phenomenon in marketing, but what exactly is it? Well, it’s exactly how it sounds. This emerging approach to advertising or information delivery leverages LED, LCD or projector technology to deliver just about any kind of message possible. Continue reading “What Is Digital Signage And How It Makes An Impact”

3 Ways Using Electronic Billboards Will Help Your Business

The future of outdoor advertising is in electronic billboards. Prognostications about the A/V industry are hit and miss, given the pace of technology, but one thing is certain – electronic billboards are an inevitability and will render print advertising obsolete in the very near future. There is practically no downside in shifting to a digital format and an incredible amount of potential. In many ways, the gulf between print and digital billboards is similar to the gulf between small scale print and digital advertising. And there are many reasons why digital is beating print by leaps and bounds. Continue reading “3 Ways Using Electronic Billboards Will Help Your Business”

What Are Some Of The Fundamental Uses For Interactive Displays And Who Benefits From Them?

Current interactive displays have changed the way that information is circulated in business, retail, the medical field, and education. These devices are taking the disbursement of knowledge and the ability to communicate ideas to another level. Screen technology should be a reflection of the way that humans already interact, in a fluid, intuitive, non-geographically limited way. Continue reading “What Are Some Of The Fundamental Uses For Interactive Displays And Who Benefits From Them?”