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Why Medical Imaging Displays Are Becoming Common

Digital imaging in the field of medicine is the way healthcare practitioners capture pictures of the body’s interior and show them on medical imaging displays for clinical review. Doctors and clinicians study the images and base medical treatment, at least in part, on what they observe. The type of imaging displays used for diagnostic purposes are varied and have different applications. Continue reading “Why Medical Imaging Displays Are Becoming Common”

Ways A Videowall Can Be Used For Businesses

A venue, business, or even an artist can make excellent use of a videowall. People are naturally drawn to this technology, which consists of many small displays unified into a larger installation. A unified set of displays offers much more versatility over a single monitor, and is more practical when a venue needs something larger. Continue reading “Ways A Videowall Can Be Used For Businesses”

What Can A Digital Signage Monitor Do For Your Business?

Digital signage and monitor technology can represent a major improvement in how a business or organization presents information. A lot of companies still settle for obsolete print advertisements and displays, but consumers have become resistant to them. With so many billboards, fliers, and signs for people to pay attention to, most just tune them out. But video displays set in the right places, and using the right techniques, can stand out starkly from the crowd, giving businesses a decisive advantage. Continue reading “What Can A Digital Signage Monitor Do For Your Business?”