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Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?

Video Wall Display

Many business owners wonder if they really need a 24/7 display, or if they can get away with using that TV they found on sale instead. While some televisions can be used for digital signage, there are long-term issues with this option. The problem is that a consumer television used for this purpose is going to provide an inferior display, inferior reliability and inferior controllability. Continue reading “Do I Really Need A 24/7 Display?”

When To Consider A Video Wall Instead Of A Large Projector

video wall controler

When would a video wall be the better option than a large projector?

When deciding between a video wall and a large projector, it’s important to remember that LED video walls are the pinnacle of large display technology and are the superior choice in most applications. Continue reading “When To Consider A Video Wall Instead Of A Large Projector”

What Are Some Of The Leading Video Wall Solutions And Manufacturers?

video wall controler

What are some of the most trusted names in video wall solutions?

Video walls, perhaps more than any other A/V solution, can do some amazing things. They are the ideal solution when maximum visual impact is needed, so they are frequently used to capture attention. There is also a novelty factor involved, as people don’t encounter video walls in their day to day lives, for the most part. Continue reading “What Are Some Of The Leading Video Wall Solutions And Manufacturers?”

Why A TV Is Not A Monitor

Are commercial monitors and consumer TVs interchangeable?

They may look the same and appear to function the same, but commercial monitors and consumer TVs are built with entirely different capabilities. One of the most common technology mistakes A/V integrators see is a client using a flat screen TV in a commercial role. Many choose this route because commercial monitors cost quite a bit more than some big box TVs, but this is one instance where the buyer gets what they pay for. When businesses skimp on their digital displays, they are setting themselves up for frustration and added costs, even though they saved money up front with the TV. Continue reading “Why A TV Is Not A Monitor”

Be Prepared When Adding A Digital Signage Display

There’s no doubt that a digital signage display can ignite sales and branding power. According to a study by VAGlobal, more than 40 percent of consumers prefer to shop at stores with digital displays. An Eclipse Digital Media study determined that about 30 percent of consumers consider digital menus an influential part of purchase decisions. And a Lavi study revealed the power of digital displays in perceived checkout waiting times, cutting them up to 35 percent. Continue reading “Be Prepared When Adding A Digital Signage Display”

Cutting Corners With Technology Could Cost Businesses More In The End

Businesses often succeed or fail on their ability to make smart budgetary decisions, so every investment is one that merits real concern. It is only natural that some companies would seek to cut corners when considering technology. This may be an understandable mistake, but it is a mistake none the less. Enterprise technology iterates so quickly that going cheap is a surefire way to stay behind. Continue reading “Cutting Corners With Technology Could Cost Businesses More In The End”

5 Ways Clevertouch Is Changing How Schools Approach Libraries

How can the Clevertouch transform school libraries?

The rapid technological transition that schools are going through hasn’t been without its tradeoffs. School libraries have keenly felt the effects of tech-fluent students, who have most of the information they need available through their own device, or a device in the classroom. But there is untapped potential here. Continue reading “5 Ways Clevertouch Is Changing How Schools Approach Libraries”

Why You Don’t Buy Your Corporate Flat Panel At Best Buy

There is always the temptation to cut out a perceived middleman and take on a project with minimal interference from other parties. This can make sense in some contexts, but in the corporate world, it is often a path fraught with pitfalls. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the A/V sector, where an inefficient solution can bring down the entire works. Continue reading “Why You Don’t Buy Your Corporate Flat Panel At Best Buy”

How Can Corporate Digital Signage Improve Businesses

Corporate-focused digital signage is an extremely powerful tool in creative hands, as the technology is only limited by the imagination. That’s not to say that digital signage can’t work in a conventional application, because it certainly can. In fact, most companies rely on their digital signage to enhance communication and branding in a myriad of subtle ways, not as a means for going viral. The shift from print signage to digital signage is a big one, and one that can pay off in a big way, but it’s not a decision to be made quickly and without expert guidance. Continue reading “How Can Corporate Digital Signage Improve Businesses”

9 Benefits Of Using Video Walls

Wherever video walls go, they are the centerpiece of attention. People can hardly be blamed for focusing on them, as they are capable of incredible visual designs at a scale that no other technology can match. There is a time and place for every display option, but video walls are king where impact is concerned. No other technology can be scaled up to fit in a sport stadium. No other technology can present ultra HD images at a scale large enough for an entire venue. No other technology is as dynamic or versatile as video walls. Continue reading “9 Benefits Of Using Video Walls”