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When To Consider A Video Wall Instead Of A Large Projector

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When would a video wall be the better option than a large projector?

When deciding between a video wall and a large projector, it’s important to remember that LED video walls are the pinnacle of large display technology and are the superior choice in most applications. Continue reading “When To Consider A Video Wall Instead Of A Large Projector”

9 Benefits Of Using Video Walls

Wherever video walls go, they are the centerpiece of attention. People can hardly be blamed for focusing on them, as they are capable of incredible visual designs at a scale that no other technology can match. There is a time and place for every display option, but video walls are king where impact is concerned. No other technology can be scaled up to fit in a sport stadium. No other technology can present ultra HD images at a scale large enough for an entire venue. No other technology is as dynamic or versatile as video walls. Continue reading “9 Benefits Of Using Video Walls”

Ways A Videowall Can Be Used For Businesses

A venue, business, or even an artist can make excellent use of a videowall. People are naturally drawn to this technology, which consists of many small displays unified into a larger installation. A unified set of displays offers much more versatility over a single monitor, and is more practical when a venue needs something larger. Continue reading “Ways A Videowall Can Be Used For Businesses”