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Document Cameras

Document cameras can greatly enhance a lesson or presentation, so they have excellent potential in classrooms, meeting rooms, lecture halls, and even medical facilities. In effect, they function like high resolution web cams, outputting a feed of anything placed under the device to a projector or other display. While they can technically display any object in this fashion, they are usually used to display notes, illustrations, graphs, or other data relevant to a presentation. These devices use the latest in A/V technology to optimize the effect, so they have rendered older technologies, like overheads, obsolete.

The technology is usually found in a handful of settings, including:
  • Classrooms and university lecture halls
  • Professional conferences and seminars
  • Meeting rooms and training areas
  • Courtrooms, where the technology can be used to present evidence
  • Medical facilities, which can be tied to conferencing solutions to enable long-distance medical assistance

Data Projections offers a number of document cameras and the expertise to set them up properly, no matter what they will be used for. Even though the technology is robust on its own, the size and composition of the space will have to be taken into account to get the most from the system. For example, a university may want to integrate several devices into their lecture halls, some of which are particularly large. Data Projections can help the university tie their systems to high-quality displays that can be seen no matter where a student is sitting. Data Projections can also integrate audio technology into classrooms or meeting rooms to ensure the presenter can be clearly heard, as well as seen.

Document cameras offer a layer of functionality and ease of use that makes them the clear winner among other presentation systems. Because they are tied to high-quality displays, the room’s lighting does not have an impact on the presentation, which reduces setup costs. Also, most devices are built with flexible aiming capabilities, allowing lecturers to display items that are too large to fit on the device platform.

These systems are intuitive to use and can greatly enhance the way a teacher or presenter engages others. And with Data Projections’ solutions and assistance, they can be optimized for any space.